Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Memory

I am gone, away from Copenhagen after living there for almost 3 months. What just happened? I am not sure yet because I don't think it will hit me until a few days after being back in the states. I am writing this as I wait for my connecting flight from Helsinki to NYC. I can't believe this whole adventure is over. Many emotions run through me. Sadness, loneliness, anticipation, uncertainty, excitement and distress. Can I handle all this? What is going to happen when I move back to NYC? Is life going to be the same or will it eventually turn into the same old shit again that I left. I can't let that happen.

Amazing times are told in my blog and that I will remember forever. I will return to Denmark there is really no way I can't. I have soo many amazing friends there old and new. I have a special bond that I can't explain. That I don't have anywhere else. Beautiful city = Beautiful people. Now onward to a changed life and to spend some quality time with my family that I have longed to do for some years now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Listening to: Underneath the Stars by: The Cure

Finally I traveled to Sweden. Three of my dear friends and I all traveled to Malmö, Sweden which is right over a bridge and about a 25 minute ride on a train from Copenhagen. We had a day of shopping and just hanging out. The currency is a bit weaker than the Danish Kroner so shopping didn't break the bank. Malmö wasn't too different than Copenhagen. Some people really like Malmö others don't. They feel that Stockholm is much better and maybe they are right. It certainly is a bigger city. I just needed to take a day to check out Sweden and with some great friends it made the trip that much more pleasurable. The weather was overcast with clouds most of the day and then finally the rain came and that is when we decided to depart and travel back to Copenhagen. It was a really great day and a good adventure to go on right before I leave to go back to the states.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Car Crash

Photo by: Nicolai Howalt

Photo by: Nicolai Howalt

Photo by: Nicolai Howalt

Listening to: New Terrain by: Mew

A car crash do we ever think of it more than just twisted metal that was derived by an unfortunate accident. I have looked at it in different means today. The aftermath of the wreckage. A junkyard where twisted and incinerated cars are taken. I looked at each car intently. Inside, outside, underneath, above. What happened to the passengers?? Was there one, two, a family? Baby car seats burnt to a crisp. Skeletons of cars. More plastic than metal, airbags, glass. Nothing is left. Wait, there are cigarettes, groceries, playing cards, clothes, people's lives left in their cars. People's lives taken due to this piece of machinery. You can tell what the person may or may have not been doing before their unfortunate demise by just studying the inside of the car. Do I see blood stains? Do I see death or survival? I don't know and I will never know. I can only assume. All these thoughts run through my head as the photographer who I am assisting climbs in the backseat of this twisted metal as the rearview mirror dangles by a thread from the still intact shattered glass. Beautiful patterns that come from such traumatic impact. I feel sick, sad and in awe at the same time. Could you imagine?? I have been in a car accident and everything is in slow motion from what I remember. It doesn't seem real. Like a bad dream. It is happening soo fast but your body is slowing down. It feels like you are underwater and things are just floating by you or maybe in space where gravity doesn't exist. But in reality it is the rearview mirror flying by your face or the passenger being ejected out through the windshield. It stays with you forever and you relive it when you are put in front of such wreckage. You are happy to be alive...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Den Internationale Højskole and Castles

Listening to: Pictures of You by: The Cure

Today I traveled to Helsingør which is a city that dates back to 70 B.C. and is about 50 miles outside of Copenhagen. It is situated on the northeast coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in eastern Denmark. The train ride is pleasant and about an hour. As I exit the train I see a beautiful landscape of water and boats and in the distance a castle. Helsingør is overlooking the narrow strait of Øresund. It was a picturesque day and quite warm as well. I took the bus to my 10am appointment at the Højskole which is about 5 minutes away. I had a nice meeting with the administrator there and got some literature on the upcoming semesters. I have yet to figure out if I want to study there or not. Only time will tell. Since my ride on the train was about an hour and my meeting was less than that I had to spend some time exploring this lovely town or municipality as it is defined as. I decide to walk to Kronborg castle that is the popular attraction there. It is immortalized as Elsinore in Shakespeare's Hamlet. I have never been to a castle before and it was everything I have read about in fairytales. A moat, a fortress, beautiful courtyard. It was truly amazing and breathtaking. The pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jesper Just

Listening to: Red Right Hand by: Nick Cave

When I was at the Louisiana museum one of the rooms had short films by Jesper Just. I didn't realize that it was his work until I sat down and starting watching it. I came across his work in NYC where he had a presentation at the MOMA. Thanks to my Danish friend asking me to go to the event. I got to meet him and watch his short films and I must say I fell in love with his work. As I sat and watched the film at the Louisiana not sure who directed it I had a feeling it was Jesper Just and sure enough it was. The cinematography and music to his short films really make each one special. I truly love his work and if you get a chance to see any of his films do so.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Listening to: Happy Up Here by: Royksopp

My friend who is visiting wanted to go to one of Denmark's most popular museum's the Louisiana. I also have been meaning to visit as well. It is nice to have friends visiting from out of town because the things you have been meaning to do you finally end up doing them. The museum is about a half hour out of the city on the train. It is another beautiful day and the walk to the museum is refreshing. The museum has works from Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jesper Just a Danish film artist just to name a few. The building is beautiful and it is situated along the water so the views are amazing. It is definitely a museum worth checking out.