Friday, September 25, 2009

In a cottage far far away...

Listening to: 1979 by: Smashing Pumpkins

My first month back in the city is already coming to a close. However, my danish friends were not left behind in Denmark. I actually have plenty of visitors from Denmark always coming to NYC so that in itself is a great thing. My danish friends were visiting NYC to attend a wedding and I was appointed babysitter. I didn't mind at all because I just adore their little girl. She makes me soo happy because I think mainly she is quite happy herself. We traveled to a place called Cold Spring for the weekend and stayed in a cottage type place called the Bird and Bottle Inn. It was a totally weird vibe there as there were only staff working there part of the time if you were lucky. Very strange when you have people staying there. The wedding was beautiful on a hilltop in a castle. The weather was perfect except for the crazy yellow jackets that were on the attack. I stayed for the ceremony and part of the reception and then it was time for me to spend the rest of the evening with my lovely danish baby. It was nice to be out of the city again but of course the lack of convenience can annoy one very easily. I could only order Papa John's pizza for delivery. Yuck! Greasy pizza with cheese dripping off of it. Ohh well I will take what I can get. The baby was a bit fussy but she just needed sleep. I had to wake up very early in the morning to get the train back to NYC to get to work on time. Of course my cab was considerably late and I hate to take the later train which made me get into the city right at rush hour. ugghhh. I don't miss that at all. All in all it was a good experience and strange all the same due to the weird town that we were in. Things get a bit weird when you go even an hour outside of the city. Keep that in mind ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Listening to: This Place is a Prison by: The Postal Service

It's quiet here, so much it is hard for me to adjust to. At least in Pennsylvania you could hear the crickets chirp. I haven't had quiet like this for ages. I can't believe I am in Brooklyn. Isn't the city supposed to be hustling and bustling?? Horns beeping, sirens squealing, people talking and walking about. Not out here in Greenpoint. I am not saying I don't like it. I just don't know what to do with silence. I have adjusted to many things this summer alone. Moving to a different country, working in new atmospheres, then moving back home for a month to Pennsylvania for some country living but I have never experienced silence. I will be fine I just have to learn how to combat that silence or if I don't I could go insane. Anyway, this neighborhood is great. It is mainly Polish so it almost feels like you are in another country sometimes. I like that feeling. I am in between two parks and I have been riding my bike when I can. The Williamsburg Bridge is no joke. Biking here is no CPH and the way people bike it can never be CPH. I deal with bike lanes that for some reason are on the left hand side of the road, double parking, people riding in the wrong direction on the bike lane and car doors opening. Basically, this society doesn't know how to handle a bike culture. I have to say NYC is trying there are more bike lanes than ever before but no one seems to understand them. I took the liberty of taking some photos of my neighborhood and surrounding areas. I just hope this place really doesn't turn into a prison for me...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is This Thing On???

Listening to: Whatever Happened to My Rock n' Roll by: B.R.M.C.

Well, I made it..back to the big city. It took 4 months but I am back. I am not living in the realms of Manhattan but taking on a different area...Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It has a high population of Polish so it feels like I am in another country. I like that feeling to be honest. I had an amazing time back at home in PA. The month there certainly did me some good. It was great to bond with my family again instead of running off after 3 days to the city. I have to say I am a bit homesick. But that will certainly wear off and once I get back into the swing of things and get used to my surroundings again I have confidence I will fall in love with this city again. I can't believe how fast the summer went and now it is time to focus on the future and the endeavors that I have pictured in my mind for some time now. Hard work pays off they say and I think that insight is valuable to follow. I have taken many pictures over the past few months and some I haven't uploaded yet. A few pictures are from an air show that I attended with my family and also we journeyed to the amusement park called Knoebles. I always loved it there as a kid and it was soo nice to go back. I must say I think the park has gotten a lot nicer from what I remembered it as. Also, I would never forget to include photos of my new surroundings. I must say it is quite nice here and I love the fact that I can bike ride again. Leaving to Stay is the title of this blog and I have yet to figure out if it will prove me right or wrong. Only time will tell...