Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off I Go

Listening to: "Little Shadows" by: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Just about to head off to the airport and getting nervous and excited at the same time. Gosh I hope I don't have to pay extra for luggage. I am fearing that for sure. My last few hours in NYC have been soo lovely. I am totally in love with my friends. As I think of them I just get soo happy. I am also excited to know that some of my dearest friends will be visiting me as well. That makes me feel good. I dj pretty much as soon as I get there. A party is being thrown for my arrival. I just love the Danish. Wow soo much love I feel now. I hope the feeling continues for a very long time. Here is to you NYC.

CPH here I come!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Time is Close

Listening to: Svefn-G-Englar by: Sigur Ros

Tomorrow I leave. "Wow" is all I can say. Is this really happening? I had the best time last night with my dearest friends. It was just one of those classic nights where it was good old fashion fun and not forgotten in just some bar. A great dinner to start off and then basketball in the park at night in Chinatown in the warm evening and drinking some beers as well. I played in my bare feet and now paying for it. Then it was off to do some karaoke for the remainder of the night. Such a wonderful group of friends and a great way to spend one of my last nights in NYC. Gosh I will miss them. Soo many emotions now...scared, excited, sad, anxious and just plain curious to see what my future brings. Let the games begin. CS

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Listening to: Beck - Sea Change

Echoes are all I hear now. I close a door, I open a drawer all I hear is the echoes of my actions as I sit here in an entirely empty NYC apartment. Life can go from a fully furnished apartment with more people living there than allowed to a mattress, two suitcases and just me. It can all change in an instant and all you are left with is your thoughts. Boy did I think I was ready for this but when reality hits it hits harder than an imagination could ever imagine. I leave for Copenhagen on the evening of the 30th. I hope for so much...a simpler life, new faces, dear friends, clean air, adventure, love and the challenge of living abroad...being the foreigner. Is it gonna be all that different? Will I end up hearing the same echoes I do now? Will I be empty or fulfilled? Here is to change! CS