Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pennsylvania Livin'

Listening to: Rhianna by: Fleetwood Mac

I have been home now in PA for about 10 days now. I have had minimal jet lag thank god. I am pretty adjusted at this point and have made a temporary home for myself at the house I grew up in. I have been organizing and cleaning non stop. If my things are organized then I feel I can organize my life a bit better. Moving back to NYC will come at the end of this month. Greenpoint is where I will be. I am excited to finally be living in Brooklyn. I hope that it suits me. I plan to ride my bike around as I have become accustom to that lifestyle. My realization that bike riding in NYC is a whole lot different than bike riding in CPH. Therefore, I will keep my bike paths in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. Spending the remainder of the summer in PA with my family is enjoyable. Both my dad and grandmother have been through a lot health wise and it is great to spend some time with them. I have a yard sale to manage and some nice weekends out in our summer cabin. I am looking forward to that immensely. Boating on the Susquehanna was one of the first things that I have done outside of swimming in our pool. The pictures will show the time I had on the river with my sister and her friends.